Why not start now?

I’m starting now! Not the Whole30 because I’m still eating a bit of cheese and still having cream in my coffee. BUT I have successfully eliminated about 97% of refined sugar and sweeteners from my diet, stopped eating grains, and have added in more healthy fats and proteins and veggies. Yesterday was my first “no sugar” day, and I will say that the immediate effect of that was being able to fall asleep more easily. Maybe that’s in my head but I don’t think so. I know I have metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes) so cutting out sugar is HUGE for me. Especially late at night, when I crave it the most. 

I’ve not been super hungry in the mornings, so usually a small meal will keep me satisfied until lunch time. I had half an avocado and some leftover baked chicken. 

Lunch was this salad:

ImageSpinach, red leaf lettuce, left over zucchini, yellow squash, sweet peppers (cold but they had been roasted with some olive oil, garlic sea salt, pepper, and basil….delicious!), leftover cold baked chicken breast, and parmesan. Newman’s Own Olive Oil and Vinegar dressing (some seed oils in this, unfortunately).

 Dinner was 3 eggs scrambled with spinach, sweet peppers, and parmesan, cooked in olive oil. I really was going to take a picture of it but I was starving and once I started eating it, I couldn’t stop! It was SO dang good. 

I feel really good about this change in the way I eat. I’m sure I’ll start to feel the effects soon.  

On a side note, I took a back-country type way home last night from dropping my kiddo off with her daddy. Usually I take freeways (boring!), but taking a mountain road is just so much more relaxing. I just love when the setting sun lights up the trees against a grey sky. It’s one of my favorite times of day!

ImageSpring in the Pacific NW is the most beautiful season. 🙂




I Heart PB


I keep meaning to blog and then I just don’t feel like it. Mostly because I’ve been busy studying. But this last weekend I did go out and have some fun. Well….too much fun, actually. And honestly, when I start my Whole30, I won’t miss drinking that much. I might crave the occasional IPA because I love my IPA, but all the fun times in the world aren’t worth the completely nasty feeling of a hangover. 

I went out Saturday night, on a mission to get a good buzz going. Well of course I went far past that, and I had a lot of fun! But the next day we had made plans to go disc golfing with some friends. Let me tell you, walking around the woods all hungover and shit in the hot sun is NOT fun. I found out that I’m pretty awesome at disc golf though. Imagine how much ass I could kick without the hangover effect. Also, I saw the pictures our friend had taken of me and HOLY CRAP, I look pregnant. If metabolic syndrome and anxiety attacks weren’t enough to get me to want to change what I put on my plate, that picture alone would do it. No, you can’t see it. Maybe when there’s an “after” picture to compare it to.

Suffice it to say, I am ready. I’m already changing what I eat. The things I’ll have to give up that I crave the worst right now are half and half in my coffee, ice cream, and peanut butter (peanut butter and I go way back. It will be hard to say goodbye.)



I heart peanut butter.

Cranial Nerve Tourette’s

I can happily report that even after months, nay, years of neglect….my abs are still in there! And they actually hurt. Even after my sad attempt at ONE sit-up. Strange thing is, the pain makes me want to do more! So yay for that, I guess.

I’ve been busy cramming for a cranial nerve exam all week. Memorizing all 12 cranial nerves, plus all their branches, innervations, and foramina. I think I have PTSD. Typing that last sentence gave me the thousand yard stare for a few seconds. Anyway, I took the exam today and I only missed one thing. Which is really awesome because I bombed my last lecture exam. I was so absorbed in memorizing that I was pretty incapable of doing anything else. Pretty sure my dad tried to talk to me. It probably went something like this:

Dad “Hey Heather, ‘sup?” (yes, he actually says that. He’s one of those old guys.)


Dad “Uh…..want to go get some food?”


Dad “ooooooookay…? So, yes? Food?”


It was like cranial nerve tourette’s. I did finally get it together enough to go eat.

And I did cook some food and eat some healthy stuff these last couple days. No pictures, sadly, because I’ve been studying my ass off. I’m boring like that.

A couple hard boiled eggs and some cucumber has been my usual breakfast. I’m not usually too hungry in the mornings. I cooked a chuck roast in the slow cooker and it turned out amazing! Had some sweet potato and broccoli with it, and I’m still eating left overs.

Also, I just aquired The Book. You know, It Starts With Food. Just started reading it and I’m pretty excited to start my own Whole30 after my birthday. Because I really want ice cream cake on my birthday. And beer.

***Edited to add: I am fully aware that my “I want to wait until after my birthday to start my Whole30” thing goes against the start right now! aspect of the book. But I have to take baby steps into this. Because that’s who I am. 🙂


ImageDo you know what this is? Does it look like some sort of crazy torture device? Maybe used for getting confessions out of infidels? No, while it could very well be used for that, it is just a Valeo Ab Wheel. 

I bought this little beauty when I bought my cute little mini stair stepper thingy a few months ago. I just used it today. Well. Tried. Tried would be the operative word here. Apparently you’re supposed to get in “girlie” push up position, take one wheel grip handle in each hand and roll it forward and back. Keep in mind you are only using your upper body strength and core muscles for this action. So, yeah, that sounds pretty easy. 

Oh. My. Effing. God. 

This is what you’re supposed to look like:

Image(Excuse the fuzzy picture please. Taking photos of photos has never been my strong suite.)

Gosh, doesn’t that look easy? Surely, if that guy can do it, so can I! That guy, who looks like a body builder. Yeah. Uh huh.

So I took that damn thing, and got into starting position. I was not feeling good about this at all. I can’t even do a full sit up. My abs are seemingly non-existent. I mean, I know they’re in there but they really aren’t doing much for me at the moment. So I rolled it forward. trying to keep it slow and steady. Ha. Can you guess what happened? Just picture it. I was on all fours, my hands attached to a plastic wheel as I rolled the wheel forward, more of my body weight weighing on the wheel the further I went. It got away from me. SMACK! There I was, lying face down on my floor, laughing my ass off, my hands still attached to the accursed wheel. As I was laying there, I realized a couple things. First, perhaps I’m just not ready for this device yet. 

And second? I really need to vacuum. Like for real. 




A and P and Fabulous Shoes

(This post was originally yesterdays, but I’m still figuring this whole WordPress thing out and really needed a title. So here it is again, with a title!)

Today was a school day, which means I have no time for anything other than studying. Anatomy and Physiology is hard work! Anyway, as I was on my way to school I stopped at Starbucks for my daily coffee. I was hungry and lazy so I ordered one of their sausage breakfast sandwiches against my better judgement (those things are delicious). I was at the drive thru, and the guy apparently forgot about my sandwich, but I was in a hurry so I said screw it and just got my coffee. It must have been a sign that I didn’t need that stupid sandwich, but I sat through lecture feeling pretty hungry. But it’s ok because I had an amazing salad for lunch.


I wish I could claim that I cooked that salmon myself but alas, I am still lazy. I got the salmon from the deli section of the store and the salad came in a kit. But at least it’s veggies (and croutons and shaved parmesan and ceasar dressing)! Ceasar salad is my favorite. I can’t quite give it up. I’ll admit I felt a little guilty for bringing my lunch home and preparing it in front of my dad. But he’s a grown-ass man and he is perfectly capable of making his own damn lunch.

I didn’t work out today (yet) because of all the studying I’m trying to cram into my week. Honestly though, it takes like 15 minutes to do that pyramid I made up yesterday so why am I making excuses? Old habits die hard.

I also found out that I missed the deadline to apply at the nursing school I wanted, so if I want to go there I’ll have to apply next year. Applying for nursing school is intimidating and super stressful! So much to do and remember….I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it.

I would share a picture of my dinner (roasted zucchini, yellow squash, mini sweet peppers and chicken), but I cooked the veggies too long and no one wants to look at mushy squash. It was tasty though!

I feel like I kept on track with my food today, except maybe for that second coffee…but I regret nothing! Also? I am wearing fabulous shoes.


The Beginning.

This is the beginning of my journey toward being healthier and happier. I don’t care about skinny. I hate dieting. I LOVE food. And beer. And creamer in my coffee.

What I don’t love? Being fat. Feeling gross. Sleeping too much. Anxiety attacks. People who can’t seem to use proper grammar.

Anyway, I’m hoping this blog will help me keep things in perspective while also holding me accountable for my choices. Eventually I’ll probably do the Whole 30. That should be entertaining. For now, I’ll just try to eat less processed and less grains and dairy, but DAMN do I love me some cheese. I think I could probably drink my coffee black before giving up cheese. Cheese is so damn delicious I could really eat it at every meal.

Exercise might be helpful in making me feel better. Too many times I look at work-outs on websites, or things pinned on Pinterest and I get overwhelmed. The minute I see an exercise move that I don’t know, I quit looking (Burpee?! Russian Twist?? WTF). Add to that the pictures of all these skinny girls, and the fat-shaming….it turns into a recipe for disaster in the form of an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s Red Velvet ice cream (effing delicious. LIke food of the gods). It’s nothing new.


So, today I exercised. I made my own pyramid workout. It was pretty awesome. I might do it again later, or I might not. Here is what I did:

40 jumping jacks

20 lunges (10/side)

20 crunches

10 push ups  (I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to push ups)

100 steps (on my little stair stepper thingy)

10 push ups

20 crunches

20 lunges

40 jumping jacks

Pretty wimpy workout but for someone who sits around all day it was good. And I can work up to something more vigorous. If I try to go all in right now I’ll never make it. I think I should reverse the exercises leading up to the stepping. Also, counting is definitely better than timing for me.

I couldn’t resist cereal for breakfast. I have a weakness for Honey Bunches of Oats Vanilla Clusters. So that’s what I had for breakfast. With 2% milk. And then I had two cups of coffee with about 2 tablespoons of half and half in each. BUT…for lunch I had something healthy!

ImageTwo hard boiled eggs with salt and pepper

English cucumber with salt (MUST remember to get some balsamic vinegar!)

A handful of raspberries

A handful of almonds

I feel pretty good about this meal. I really NEED to get more veggies. I see a trip to the fancy produce store in my future.